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We are often asked by our guests what they should pack for their vacation to Punta Mita. And how hot does it get?

Punta Mita Fashion - Packing Advice
Photo Courtesy Corazon Sagrado Boutique

The first thing we say is – “Wear sunscreen!”

The temperatures are actually very moderate where we live, ranging from the mid 70’s to the mid 80’s from November to April. And they usually hover around the mid to high 80’s from May to October.

What makes the difference is the humidity. In the winter months, the average humidity hovers around 80%. And in the summer it can get as high as 100%.

The great news, though, is the breeze. You’ll typically find breezes all year round making it possible to spend lazy days on the beach and not really notice the sun – hence the sunscreen advice ! The heat can be quite deceptive so it’s best to be cautious from the beginning. Nobody wants to miss a day of fun because they look like a boiled lobster!

Which leads us to another question, “Can we buy sunscreens and toiletries when we get there?”

Punta Mita and Sayulita are very well served by many small local grocery shops and pharmacies as well as our full line, mini-super in Plaza Ollin. This makes purchasing brands you know and trust quite easy and convenient. The pharmacies also sell lots of generic and brand-name drugs and toiletries. Some you may need a prescription for while others are readily available over the counter.

Sorry, all this does not answer the lead question, but I hope it’s giving you some good clues about what you’ll need to put into your suitcase.

Punta Mita Fashion - Packing Advice
Photo Courtesy Corazon Sagrado Boutique

Punta Mita Packing Advice

Here, we have a tendency to buy and wear natural fabrics because they breathe better in the humidity – cottons and linens are ideal. However, anything lightweight and light coloured will work very well.

Jeans are always useful but they do have a tendency to stick to you in the more humid months – not nice. Shorts and light cotton or linen pants are usually more comfortable.

Punta Mita Fashion - Packing Advice
Photo Courtesy Corazon Sagrado Boutique

Most restaurants don’t have dress codes. At the hotels, for the most part, the look is casual and some restaurants veer more towards casual chic.

Definitely bring along a bathing suit and a cover-up. There is a no-vest requirement in both resident beach clubs, so a tee with short sleeves always makes sense.

Unless your plans call for a wedding or formal party, men will not need a jacket or tie and women will not need cocktail wear. If you are traveling for an event and will be attending a formal party, you’d be well advised to follow my “natural fibres” advice. I have seen some pretty miserable wedding guests as they wait for the Bride to arrive in the sunset heat. You’ll have a much better time with some loose tropical-look clothing than that perfect suit or full-length gown you’ve been keeping at the back of the closet just for this occasion!

Punta Mita Fashion - Packing Advice
Photo Courtesy Corazon Sagrado Boutique

If you are planning an ATV, zip line or horseback riding activity – you’d be wise to bring long pants, closed-toe shoes and a long-sleeved shirt or tee shirt. (Remember that sun I was just talking about? These activities have a tendency to expose you to more of it than you realize.)

The last few winters have seen some cooler nights and occasional light rain so a sweater/ wrap for the ladies and or lightweight jacket might be a good move, especially in December and January.

This is not a hard trip to pack for so please do not over-think it. Flip-flops will take you pretty much anywhere. Sandals and open-toed shoes are de rigeur and, of course, (this is the hardest part for us girls) my best advice for the evenings if you want to dress up – bring wedges! There are lots of uneven surfaces: beach, cobblestones etc. – so a shoe that you feel comfy in will take away any guesswork.

When in doubt, travel light. We’ll make sure a toothbrush is always on hand and there are dozens of great local shops where you can choose your perfect Mexican wardrobe – right here on the doorstep! You can even buy a suitcase to take it all back home with you.

See you in paradise!


Lisa Bruno
Lisa, Tank and Tonica

Lisa Bruno is a long-term Punta Mita resident. She is a frustrated golfer, party princess and proud owner of Tank and Tonica,

Lisa lives in Punta Mita with her fiancé and business partner, Miguel. She has been a partner in Punta de Mita Rentals since 2015.

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Photos courtesy of Selene Soucy at Corazon Sagrado Boutique. Visit them in person at Av. de las Redes 81 in Punta de Mita or online at www.corazonsagrado.com