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Punta Mita Pina Colada

Punta Mita Pina Colada

The quintessential beach cocktail made with ingredients that are literally falling off the trees here. Punta Mita Pina Colada Basic (skinny) recipe – Ingredients 1 1/2 oz Light or gold rum 2 oz Coconut milk or cream of coconut 2 oz Fresh Pineapple juice The fuller bodied version can include: 1/2 oz heavy whipping cream … Continued

A Guide to Coconut Food Products

Going Loco for the Coco!

Coconuts are clearly a handy, easily accessible ingredient around here and deliver quite a few useful options: coconut water, coconut milk, coconut cream, cream of coconut, coconut oil etc. The potential for coconut food products are endless. Looking at a coconut, it’s hard to figure out how that hairy brown bowling ball makes its way into … Continued

Savouring the Flavours of Mexico

Hola Amigos! June – some say we experience “June gloom”. A few little rain showers may pass by, but it’s hardly gloomy. In fact, it’s absolutely beautiful! June is one of the quieter months on the Punta Mita area calendar. For much of the month, school will still be in session in the USA. So, it’s … Continued

Celebrate Summer at the Punta Mita Beach Festival!

Here in Punta Mita, we have no shortage of fun events going on throughout the year. Usually, they include a first-class food, wine and beverage aspect – which could be one reason why I am always at the forefront to participate! When things start to heat up here, the locals head for the beach! Lucky … Continued

Carolina St Regis Punta Mita

Fine Dining at the St Regis Punta Mita

Nothing Could be Finer than to Eat at Carolina! Looking for a great place to go for a “date” night? A place where you can dress up, your loved one can put on heels and you can be treated like kings? Carolina, located at the St. Regis Punta Mita Hotel, is a three-diamond award-winning restaurant. … Continued

Mexican White Wine

Ah! What could be better than a frosty glass of white wine at sunset on a hot day? A frosty glass of white wine at sunset on the beautiful tropical beaches of the Riviera Nayarit! Directions Find a great bottle of your favourite Mexican white. Put it in the fridge to chill. When it reaches between … Continued

Mexican Wine – The Forgotten Libation

When you think about Mexico’s heritage, it makes sense that wine would be as popular here as it has been for centuries in Europe. When the first Spanish settlers came to New Spain in the 16th century, they brought vines from Europe with them. Even before the Spanish conquest, Mexico had its own indigenous grapes. … Continued

Punta Mita Breakfast

Naef Cuisine Café & Deli, Punta Mita

Naef Cuisine has more choices for your Punta Mita Breakfast Naef Cuisine is the brainchild of two very amiable brothers, Mathiew and Pierre. They hail from Switzerland but have been in the Punta Mita area for many years now. The Swiss seem to have a knack for all things dairy and these two are certainly … Continued

Punta Mita Rentals – The Year in Review

Dear Friends, This month marks the departure of the majority of our “snowbird” friends. Many of the local residents who call Punta Mita home for the winter season head back to their other homes to beat the heat. Those of us who stay behind can now relax a little. Suddenly, we find we have some … Continued

Beers of Mexico

The Connaisseur’s Corner – Beers of Mexico

Coming from Portugal, I consider Mexico to be a strong beer-swilling nation. Certainly the parties I go to offer endless buckets of ice-cold beer that have no shortage of takers. I was quite surprised, in fact, to learn that this is not an exceptionally heavy beer-consuming nation. Maybe it used to be but, unfortunately, Coca-Cola … Continued

Restaurant Week 2016 In Punta Mita

If you are looking for an excuse to get away from your humdrum reality, here is a good one. For some eleven years now, around the middle of May, Vallarta Lifestyles Publishing Group promotes a two-week food fest called Restaurant Week. Restaurant Week features some of the finest restaurants in Puerto Vallarta and the Riviera … Continued

Ferias de San Isidro – Rodeo, Mexican-Style

Forget Cinco de mayo, the real May fiestas around here are the rodeo events at the Ferias de San Isidro. This patron Saint is known for protecting many parts of the Spanish-speaking world, the most famous being the capital city of Madrid, but more locally, the nearby village of Higuera Blanca. Last month, I was … Continued

End-of-Season Event at Vista Paraiso Ranch

Special Event at Vista Paraiso Ranch in Higuera Blanca

Hola Amigos! This month, I want to bring your attention to a wonderful party that is about to happen on the 23rd of April! The event is the fabulous End-of-Season Party and the venue is my beloved Vista Paraiso Ranch in Higuera Blanca. The first week I moved to this spectacular area eight years ago, I … Continued

Mezcaltini Cocktail

Delicious Mezcal Cocktail Recipes: Miguel’s Mezcaltini

My recipe for the month of April is one of my favorite Mezcal cocktail recipes: the marvelous, smoking hot, kicks-like-a-mule, Mezcaltini! I first met this spirit on a trip to Oaxaca in the south of Mexico, where it hails from. Mezcal is definitely an acquired taste. It has been described as having a nose akin … Continued

Girls on Horseback at Vista Paraiso Ranch

Visit Vista Paraiso Ranch for an Unforgettable Outdoor Adventure

Vista Paraiso Ranch is a lovely, authentic ranch nestled in the foothills of the Sierra Madre. Open daily, this 500-hectare ranch boasts miles of trails for horseback riding, mountain biking and ATV adventures. Here, you sense the peace, tranquility and calmness of the natural surroundings. This is a wonderful venue to spend a few hours or … Continued

Andrew Ormsby catering services in Punta Mita

Ormsby Catering: First-Class Food for Fabulous Festivities

The world is a very small place, indeed… Some 16 years ago in Dallas, where I used to reside, I was introduced to a new chef who was making quite a name for himself. It was in a super-funky restaurant in a cool, then off-the-beaten-track part of town called Deep Ellum. The restaurant was named … Continued

March Madness

This month, I am on a diet… which means no alcohol. So, I think I will cancel the newsletter! Dieting is actually pretty miserable, especially when you live in a place where everybody else is on Vacation and off THEIR diets. Luckily, this month is so incredibly busy that I hardly have time to eat … Continued

Tequila Tales

Maybe it is an age old question or maybe it is something that is only discussed amongst my “bon vivant” friends. Have you ever asked yourself which comes first… “being mad for tequila” or “tequila making you mad”? This is where you have to understand the nuances of language. (Coming from Portugal, who am I … Continued

Hotel Casa de Mita Restaurant

March 2016 Restaurant Review What makes travel so exciting? The new experiences, the local people you meet whilst away, the unfamiliar, embracing new traditions, learning a smattering of another language. There are many reasons we yearn to get away from our own homes. Hotel Casa de Mita, to me, is like taking a trip to … Continued

The Marvelous Margarita

Our visitors from other parts have a tendency to want to shoot tequila… now this is madness in any language! A better option is to drink a Margarita – the wonderful limey, tangy, cold, refreshing cocktail synonymous with Mexico. But don’t be fooled! The strong taste of the tequila may be disguised, but a good … Continued

Letter from Luis

Dear Friends, As you know, I am always looking for better ways to serve my clients and keep building my business services. I love what I do and hope I am bringing the very best assistance I can to all of my valued clients. The rental market this season has been incredible and it seems … Continued

Suffering from Post-Party Depression? Read This!

February…the hangover month! I always think of it that way as it’s often cold, bleak and miserable outside…unless, of course, you live in the Punta Mita area where the climate is absolutely perfect! Clear blue skies, low humidity, gentle breezes, daytime temps around 78 degrees, swaying palms, waves that are perfect for swimming, surfing, snorkeling…anyway, … Continued

RECIPE: Michelada

A Michelada is a cerveza preparada — Spanish for “beer with some other business going on” — with a hazy past. One legend tells of General Don Augusto Michel, who roused his troops for the 1910 Mexican Revolution by fortifying their beers with lime and hot sauce. A less epic tale credits Michel Ésper, a … Continued

From Punta Mita with Love

One reason you might want to give me a call and book a week in the sun is to bring your loved one away for some reconnecting, relaxation and well…love. Isn’t that also what February is famous for…Valentine’s Day or El Día del Amor y la Amistad? Since pre-Columbian times, Mexicans regard friendship very highly, considering … Continued

Lupita Flores

Rosa Mexicano

February 2016 Restaurant Review People are always asking me for restaurant recommendations. Maybe because I am always waxing lyrical about food, or because I take hundreds of photos of food (I have photographic documentation of just about every calorie consumed in Peru last year) and because I like to cook. It is, however, a dangerous … Continued

New Punta Mita Property Management Service

Many of my friends and a number of local property owners ask me to manage their properties.  I take this as a compliment, but my expertise lies in the “hospitality” side of the luxury rental business. I believe we all have different strengths.  Mine is helping my clients find the perfect home, chef, activity etc. and … Continued

Champagne Cocktail

Come to Punta Mita – The Land of Champagne Problems

Happy New Year to All! It’s one of those phrases I never get tired of hearing or saying. The ultimate new beginning, a fresh start every 12 months, time again to re-enter the diet, the detox, all the great resolutions that we so resolutely give up on over the course of the next few months…the … Continued

Ocean Grill Vallarta Restaurant: Live, Love, Grill.

Restaurant Review: The Ocean Grill Restaurant Location! Location! Location! It’s the key phrase in real estate. Does it apply to restaurants, too? Most would say the best business will be had on the main drag: it’s easy to get to, the locations are good, there’s ample parking, street visibility…etc. Well, here in Mexico things are … Continued

Adventures in Golf

In his last newsletter Miguel alluded to the fact that he had a new passion…golf. He also has several other passions, the sports amongst them being fast-paced, strenuous and energy consuming. Golf is none of these. It has taken me several years to convince Miguel that he is extremely privileged to be a member of … Continued

Champagne “Sparkler” Cocktail

We all start the New Year with plenty of “Sparkle”. But, by mid-month, we start to “fizzle out” a little. I’ve always found a “hair of the dog” to be the best path back to sizzle and sparkle. The shot of tequila that is added to the champagne is guaranteed to chase away any January … Continued

Punta Mita – What could be sweet-ah?

Many of you are familiar with who we are; old friends, returning clients, colleagues and acquaintances from prior visits to Punta Mita and Sayulita. I feel we have grown sufficiently in the past year to warrant a regular update on what we are doing here at PuntaMita-Rentals.  I will endeavor to bring you a monthly … Continued

Punta Mita Golf and Gourmet 2016

Our next big event, the 6th annual Punta Mita Golf and Gourmet runs from January 28th to the 31st, 2016. Almost 20 renowned chefs from around the world come to the event to promote their best recipes and adapt their styles using our freshest, most fabulous local ingredients. You have a unique opportunity to play our 2 … Continued

Ponche: the perfect potion to spread holiday cheer

Mexican Christmas Punch We all remember the “pot luck” punches of college days. Well, the traditional Christmas libation of choice in Mexico is ponche, a warm, tropical fruit punch. Its preparation is taken much more seriously in these parts than the concoctions we’d throw together back then. Families throughout Mexico have their own guarded recipes … Continued