Litibu Beaches for Sensational Seaside Satisfaction

The Riviera Nayarit offers many fabulous beaches where you can surf, swim and snorkel. Or just sit back, relax, catch a few rays and people watch. Two of my favorite Litibu beaches are the incredibly beautiful stretches of miles-long golden sand located on nearby Litibu Bay.

Kupuri Beach

This beach is one of the best beaches in the area for all kinds of ocean activities. The water here is quite shallow so you can wade out quite a ways and still keep your toes in the sand. It generally provides safe swimming for small ones and some nice waves to jump.

Kupuri Beach offers stunning views across the bay to Monkey Mountain and all the way to Sayulita. There’s also a beach club for the exclusive use of renters with Premier Membership cards from the Kupuri Punta Mita resort.

Casa Brisas de Mita, situated on this gorgeous beach, offers wonderful beachside accommodation for lucky families or couples. Owned and designed by a leading American architect, you can relax, recharge, and rediscover yourself in this truly captivating home. Contact us to book a fabulous room at this unique beachfront boutique hotel!

Kupuri Beach can be accessed either from behind the gates of the Punta Mita development through the Kupuri Punta Mita resort or directly from the highway that leads to Sayulita.

Litibu Beach
Beautiful Litibu Beach – Miles of pristine sandy beach to explore

Litibu Beach

Litibu beach is situated on the next bay north of the Punta Mita Peninsula. It can be reached from the town of Higuera Blanca.

This is, again, another amazing swathe of beautiful sand perfect for swimming, sunning and picnics. This is the beach I enjoy riding on as its length affords a great uninterrupted galloping terrain for the horses.

I highly recommend the sunset ride offered by Vista Paraiso Ranch. Just email our concierge at or call 322 100 0191 and have them organize this amazing, unforgettable experience.

If you fancy a really long beach comb, here’s what you can do. Start at one beach and walk its length. Then, take a short, easy hike over some cliffs and come out on the next beach. You’ll enjoy hours of walking and shell searching.

Watch Baby Sea Turtles Head off to Sea

Sea Turtle Hatchlings
Tiny sea turtle hatchlings

During the nesting season, both Kupuri and Litibu beach are home to turtle nests. If you have never seen the release of baby turtles, this is a wonderful activity to experience on your vacation. Watching the tiny, hours-old turtle hatchlings claw their way to their life’s destiny is both enriching and worrying. They seem so small to be embarking on such an enormous journey. And the odds are stacked so strongly against them.

During the months of July to December – depending on how the nesting season has been – our concierge will be very happy to arrange an excursion for you to be a part of a turtle release program. Just email to organize a trip.

Come join us for a fabulous beach holiday. Call us to book a great condo or villa, and head for some balmy, breezy beach days in Punta Mita!

See you in Paradise!

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