Savouring the Flavours of Mexico

Hola Amigos!

June – some say we experience “June gloom”. A few little rain showers may pass by, but it’s hardly gloomy. In fact, it’s absolutely beautiful!

June is one of the quieter months on the Punta Mita area calendar. For much of the month, school will still be in session in the USA. So, it’s a great time for couples and friends to rent a home and head on down to the beautiful beaches of Punta Mita.

June brings with it clear skies, crystalline waters, shades of blue, green and turquoise that you cannot describe and have to see to truly believe. It is a wonderful month for a few evening thunderstorms – perfect for stretching out on a slightly swaying hammock, enjoying a glass of cold Mexican wine and watching the show. The show would be our incredible thunderstorms which (conveniently) roll in around cocktail hour, last for about an hour or so and have generally (conveniently) passed by the time we’re ready to go out to dinner.

Ah, dinner – now we really get into my passion! I love all things wine, alcoholic beverage and food-related in every place I have lived and travelled. But, here in Mexico, I am truly enjoying my love affair with all the flavours and specialities of this amazing country.
Over my years here I have come to know a number of great Mexican vintners. I have had the privilege of enjoying many tastings and pairings and have been able to get an insider understanding on how they run their businesses.

Most of the guests staying with Punta Mita Rentals are happy to learn that we offer quite an extensive list of wonderful Mexican wines. Tequila, beer, margaritas and maybe Mezcal  jump to mind before the grape varieties when thinking about Mexican beverages. This is in keeping with the populace of Mexico, who, even until this day, prefer these other beverages over wine.

The great news is you can enjoy them all and to a very high level!

I am happy to share some of my favourite Mexican wines finds with you during your visit. Alternatively, our concierge can put together a suggested list of fine Mexican wines. Let us know your preferences and we can have them stocked prior to your arrival. Another great suggestion is to enjoy a wine pairing dinner prepared by one of our great private chefs in the comfort of your rental property.

Enjoy the flavours of Mexico at Carolina Restaurant During your visit, you can also take the opportunity to ask for wine pairings at this month’s featured restaurant, Carolina, located at the beautiful St. Regis Punta Mita Resort.

Perhaps you may think I may be in need of a little help because of my overzealous passion for all things alcoholic. Let me set the record straight and remind you that I was on the diet from hell earlier this year – one that was totally alcohol-free.

During this trying time, I created my own my own brand of morning mixology … I have really become quite the green juice aficionado! I have been known to spend quite some time perfecting the perfectly balanced health bomb – seeds, herbs, juices, nut milk – all made at home and blended to perfection. Or, if I had the time, I would head out for breakfast and try somebody else’s interpretation of a healthy start. It became the high point of my day.
Breakfast can be one of those forgotten meals so I am featuring one of my favourite healthy spots, Naef Cuisine.  I will feature other local breakfast venues in the coming months.

At Punta Mita Rentals, we most certainly have not forgotten breakfast. This is an area where our guests can enjoy some true Mexican home cooking. Every property we represent offers a full, home-cooked, mouth-watering breakfast.

Allow our ladies to prepare a delectable daily special for you and your guests. It features traditional Mexican fare served with hand-made tortillas, home-made salsas, locally-sourced fresh bread and pastries and perhaps an assortment of locally-grown, tropical fruit jams.


— Miguel C

Miguel Neves de Carvalho

Bon vivant, gastronome and all-around great guy – Miguel Neves de Carvalho brings you the best of what Punta Mita and the surrounding area have to offer. His passions include polo, horse riding, rugby, cigars and most recently … golf.

Miguel lives in Punta Mita with his youngest son, his fiancée, Lisa, and his two dogs “Tanqueray” and “Tonica”.

He started Punta Mita-Rentals in 2012.

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