Visit Boca Deli for the Best Punta de Mita Breakfast and Lunch Specials

Healthy, wholesome Punta de Mita breakfasts and brunches

Fresh Fruit Cups at Boca Deli
Fresh Fruit Cups to Start the Day Off Right!

If an adventure before breakfast sounds like too much work, then take a stroll through Punta Mita into the village and find, on your doorstep, Boca Deli. Home to Lavazza coffee and lots of great breakfast treats, this centrally-located, primarily al fresco diner acts as the local meeting point. If you want to know about local real estate, which fish are jumping in the bay or what’s the hottest restaurant in town – just spend an hour or two at Boca and you’ll pick up all the local gossip.

This cheery hangout offers all the breakfast choices you could want! But don’t take my word for it, follow the link and check out their menu for yourself. My personal favourite is the croissant filled with cheese, egg and ham. Rich and filling, it’s a great way to start the day.

Delicious Green Drink at Boca Deli
Delicious, Healthy Green Drinks

The green juice is always fresh and tangy as are the daily agua fresca choices. These fruit-flavoured waters are a typically Mexican alternative to just plain water and a refreshing option to add a few vitamins to your thirst quencher. They often come in an interesting mix of ingredients: berries and basil, mint and cucumber, etc.

Yummy, Healthy Salads at Boca Deli
Yummy, Healthy Salads

Also noted for its healthy lunchtime fare

If you enjoyed too many Margaritas the night before and breakfast time rolls past… not to worry. Boca offers that lunchtime pick-me-up – sandwiches served on crusty focaccia bread. The yummiest of all, the spare rib Panini, comes with its own au jus and is a hangover lifesaver.

There are also a variety of great salads. One which I’m eating almost daily these days (still on the pesky diet) is the Arugula and Quinoa – healthy, tangy and very filling.

Boca Deli is owned and operated by local entrepreneurs Marcelo and Lorena Lopez. You will always receive a warm welcome and good advice on anything you care to ask about.

For snowbirds returning home for the winter, you’ll find an updated Boca with spiffy new furnishings, an updated menu and new opening hours. Breakfast and lunch are no longer the only times of day to experience a delicious meal at Boca.

The restaurant will be open for dinner this coming season, offering up friendly bistro-style meals for those who want a quick bite or those who want to linger with friends over dinner on the al fresco patio. I can’t wait to see what’s on the menu – it’s bound to be good!

This is my usual lunch time and go-to cappuccino spot. My office is just down the street so when you’ve finished breakfast or lunch – stop by and say “Hi!”

Boca Deli
Av. de las Redes SN at Plaza Ollin
Col. Centro
63734, Punta de Mita, Nayarit, Mexico
Telephone: 329 291 5012

Opening for the Season on November 1st. Open daily from 8:00 am to 9 pm

— Miguel C

Miguel Neves de Carvalho

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