Celebrate Summer at the Punta Mita Beach Festival!

Here in Punta Mita, we have no shortage of fun events going on throughout the year. Usually, they include a first-class food, wine and beverage aspect – which could be one reason why I am always at the forefront to participate!

When things start to heat up here, the locals head for the beach! Lucky for us, we have multiple beaches to choose from and wonderful, long, lazy days to enjoy them in.Punta Mita Surf Lessons

Several friends who live in Texas and along the Gulf Coast (there are several daily direct flights from Dallas and Houston to Puerto Vallarta) refuse to come here in the summer months because of the heat.  It never ceases to amaze me, because, in reality, temperatures here are fairly consistent all-year-round. 70’s-80’s in winter. 80’s in the summer. And, we have beautiful breezes throughout the year – so much cooler than those of our neighbours to the north. But, I digress (have you noticed that trend with me?)

So, to beat the summer heat, we head to the beach and enjoy lots of different water sports.  We have, on our doorstep, surfing, wind surfing, stand-up paddle, sailing, scuba diving, spear fishing, deep-sea fishing and – right off many beaches – great snorkeling.

Therefore, it makes great sense that Punta Mita has its own beach festival hosted by the fabulous St. Regis Punta Mita Resort.

The Punta Mita Beach Festival

This four-day-long event brings together world-class instructors with water sports enthusiasts in a relaxed, party atmosphere. No matter what your level of expertise, there is someone there to teach you how to go that extra mile and perfect your sport of choice. Or, they can help you get started if you would like to try out a new water sport.

The Punta Mita Beach Festival has something for everyone. If you’re a sports buff, then you will enjoy participating in surf and SUP lessons with world-class experts, compete in the mini-triathlon, or take part in one of the beach volleyball games.  Or, relax with a yoga session led by one of Mexico’s top experts in this discipline.

If your preferences lean towards gastronomy, then you’ll surely find something to suit your tastes. The Punta Mita Beach Festival offers hearty breakfasts, numerous food and wine stations, cooking demonstrations, cocktail parties and a delicious dinner at the Mariettas Garden. There is absolutely something fun for everybody, at every age, to do and learn.

Come join us at the St. Regis Hotel for the Punta Mita Beach Festival. It’s the perfect time to book a great condo or villa, pack up the kids and head for some balmy, breezy beach days in Punta Mita!

Hope to see you there!

Miguel Neves de Carvalho Bon vivant, gastronome and all-around great guy – Miguel Neves de Carvalho brings you the best of what Punta Mita and the surrounding area have to offer. His passions include polo, horse riding, rugby, cigars and most recently … golf.

Miguel lives in Punta Mita with his youngest son, his fiancée, Lisa, and his two dogs “Tanqueray” and “Tonica”.

He started Punta Mita-Rentals in 2012.

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Photography by Kemi Vernon. See more of her work at www.kemivernonphotography.com