Naef Cuisine Café & Deli, Punta Mita

Naef Cuisine has more choices for your Punta Mita Breakfast

Naef Cuisine is the brainchild of two very amiable brothers, Mathiew and Pierre. They hail from Switzerland but have been in the Punta Mita area for many years now. The Swiss seem to have a knack for all things dairy and these two are certainly no exception.
Naef Cuisine - Punta Mita Breakfast

Naef Cuisine is best-known for its ice creams and sorbets. All are made in-house with the freshest local fruits, vegetables and herbs. Take chocolate and avocado, for instance, a rich, smooth, silky decadent treat that also delivers a healthy twist.

There are usually about 20-30 flavours on-hand, depending on the season, as well as many more that can be special ordered. Gelatos and sorbets can be purchased by the gallon or half-gallon and can be stocked in your freezer before your arrival. Ask our concierge for the current list of flavours. You can reach our concierge at and have them place the order.

So, if ice cream for breakfast was not what you had in mind – let me tell you about the wonderful, flaky, crispy, melt-in-your-mouth croissants, especially the Pain au Chocolat. (Remember, this is another thing the Swiss are very good at!)
Naef Cuisine has a wonderful variety of organic egg dishes and home-made breads. All the best, well-known breakfast dishes can be found and enjoyed in the beautiful, quiet garden surrounding the small house that is home to the magnificent commercial kitchen.
Naef Cuisine - Punta Mita Breakfast
You might be asking yourself – “Where do these healthy green juices that Miguel was just telling us about come from?” Naef Cuisine, of course! A whole section of the menu is dedicated to juices, flavoured waters, smoothies, milkshakes and frappes. All of these can be found here for your healthy enjoyment.

The location is definitely off the beaten track and will be quite the adventure in your golf cart – but this is what makes memories, right? Just remember to charge it before you leave the house!
Naef Cuisine - Punta Mita Breakfast
And, if it takes a while to find them, don’t worry. Breakfast segues into lunch with thick, rich, creamy quiches, healthy salads, sandwiches and – of course – a selection of juices, aguas frescas and great coffee.

As if all this is not enough – if you want to go to Naef Cuisine Café & Deli to celebrate a birthday or special occasion – contact our concierge service and have them organize a truly memorable cake or special dessert to round off your event. You can even send photos of what you want – these guys are really good and will deliver a beautiful, super-tasty, fresh dessert.

If you decide on this lovely spot for your Punta Mita breakfast, I recommend you go ahead and indulge in the breakfast ice cream – you’re on vacation after all!

Naef Cuisine
Calle 5 de Febrero #3
Colonia Emiliano Zapata
Punta de Mita, Nayarit
Telephone: 52 329 291 53 97

— Miguel C

Miguel Neves de Carvalho

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