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Restaurant Review: The Litibu Grill

Let’s all go to the Litibu Grill!

Litibu Grill Restaurant
Fine Dining Comes to Litibu

Often the simple things in life are the best! It’s the perfectly-seared piece of fresh-from-the-ocean tuna, expertly grilled and served with a tangy, subtly-spiced salsa. This is a memory that will stay with you when you are back at home in the depths of a Chicago (or wherever you may live) winter.

My dear friend Alfonso Estrada seems to have mastered the art of simplicity when it comes to combining food and an oceanfront experience. A laid-back kind of guy who oozes good karma, he seems to have infused his own brand of hospitality with his positive vibe.

Succulent seafood cooked to perfection!

The simple gateway to the ocean beyond, the new Litibu Grill is itself a masterpiece in simplicity: the large grill and accommodating bar, lazy places to swing in hammocks and sip on a frosty margarita, a cool lounge to hang out with friends and soak up the sunset and of course, the restaurant itself with signature dishes from its sister restaurant, The Ocean Grill.

Not unlike the Ocean Grill, the Litibu Grill is also located in a slightly off-the-beaten-track location which adds to the allure and makes it the perfect spot for those on a Mexican vacation adventure and those of us who love the peace and tranquility of beautiful Litibu Beach

The restaurant can be reached by car or on horseback. A drive through the village of Higuera Blanca, a left turn to the ocean, down a bumpy road and you have arrived.

Litibu Grill Restaurant
A Leisurely Ride to the Litibu Grill

Alternatively, you can saddle up at Vista Paradiso Ranch, ride through Higuera Blanca village, work up a thirst whilst trekking on the pristine jungle trail, then down to the ocean, and…  presto! Find the perfect hitching post in the shade for your trusty steed. Let him quench his thirst whilst you whet your whistle with a perfectly-chilled chela (a small bottle of Mexican beer – these make the perfect companion to a day on the beach as they aren’t big enough to ever get warm!)

The freshest of fish, ribs, great cuts of meat, oversized plates of perfectly grilled vegetables, salads and, of course – a beach food staple – the salty, crispy french fries. The menu is simple but, no matter what you order, it is always good and accompanied by a salsa or two of your choosing.

Grilled Octopus – Well worth the trip!

My hands-down favourite dish is the Grilled Octopus, which has to be the most tender I have eaten anywhere in the world. The Litibu Grill version is a wonderful mix of Mexican mild flavours cleverly paired with black olives….sort of a tapenade, Mexican-style. This salty, tangy, crispy, tender combo never fails to make us smile!

Slated to open in October, the Litibu Grill will be open daily from 11am – 11pm. It will have a snack service until 1pm, then a full menu served until 9pm. By reservation only.
Litibu Grill

Address: Calle Amado Nervo, Higuera Blanca, Nayarit, Mexico

All are welcome.


Miguel Neves de Carvalho

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Photography by Kemi Vernon. See more of her work at www.kemivernonphotography.com

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  1. Out of this world cuisine with the most serene atmosphere and friendly atmosphere. Heavens restaurant.
    I thank you Alfonso and staff for beating all expectations in food all around experience. Your hard work has truly shown through in all the details.
    Thank you,
    Ramon Drew Sparlin

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